Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 10, 2012



(A fictional composite)

by Jonathan Caswell


He dreamt of his lovely Colleen

All dolled up as a queen…

      Someone to adore,

      Young forever more,

His wolfishness sounded obscene.


He dreamt of flowing hair,

What color he sure didn’t care…

      She was lovely in black

      Or red, blonde, no lack

Of interest in who was underneath there!


He dreamt of his sweet Colleen

Who could fulfill all of his dreams….

      From running the show

      To her inner glow

That flowed out of her like light beams.


His Colleen beyond compare

Chose him to produce her heirs…

      Both boys and girls

     To their parents were pearls     

Who in the joys of love walked on airs.


(AUTHOR’S  DEDICATION:  This is to anyone named Colleen who may wish to fulfill this dream for someone, or for any man having this dream…may you find your “Colleen”.)


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  1. this was really a sweet write good job

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