Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 14, 2012




Jacob was a deceiver,

In a very real way so was I…

Jacob was served by his elder

But feared Esau’s cry.


Jacob got his own back

In Laban’s fields for years…

His two wives kept him busy

While sharing bitter tears.


I am not like Jacob

For I married just one wife

And even if I had two,

I could bring no child to life.


My brother could have cried

“Mom always liked you best,”

I don’t know if that was true

Nor did I want it put to test.


So he and I have gone our ways

Like Esau and Israel…

Once we buried Dad

We’ve essentially said “farewell”.


—Jonathan Caswell


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  1. wow powerful, emotional work really good write

    • Thank you kindly.

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