Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 14, 2012




Watching a You Tube show

About the MOXIE I know…

        It said three sips

        Until your lips

Welcomed  that tonic to flow.


I recently bought a new six-pack

Of  DIET MOXIE to get back…

      Into the pink

      With my favorite drink,

But the first can’s flavor lacked.


It took until the third can

For my taste buds to rescan…

      To register that

      For which I was at,

Now it tastes like the stuff I’ll demand!


—-Jonathan Caswell


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  1. you like moxie I only drink root beer lol very good job with this one

    • In the You Tube video, filmed at the MOXIE Musuem in Lisbon, ME, they had a taste test, using the same style of can I remember drinking from last year—-have I really gotten so used to the stuff I can barely taste it? The REACTIONS I saw were so real!

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