Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | December 10, 2011



I’m hearing more compliments

About my written documents,

But there was a time

When accepting mine

Was something I had to contest.

Some of you may be just like me.

Brought up with inferiority…

Accused of a brag,

The ego did sag

With a façade of false humility.

Below bravado I’d shrink,

When told I was good, I’d think

That it wasn’t true

If they knew what I knew,

Not worth at all what they think.

It took a loving wife

And Jesus to change my life,

Again to say

I WAS worth it today

For Jesus to die for my strife.

The change in me wasn’t all at once,

Sometimes a soul just punts…

For faith without feeling

Oft-times is revealing

Truths that we’ve denied for months!

In one or two jobs I succeeded,

Seeing proof for praises I needed…

Strengths/weaknesses there

Would all come to bare

Realizing my self-worth was deeded.

Give a compliment…I will say “thanks”…

Without thinking it really tanks,

I’ve accepted my gifts

From God who lifts

Me up from my self-imposed danks!

—Jonathan Caswell

(A Good Poet….sometimes approaching great…occasionally!)


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