Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | December 17, 2011



By Jonathan Caswell

Driving home in early morning

I spy a familiar sight,

That sets my spirit soaring….

Houses lit with Christmas Light.

I come by too late to see them all…

Still lit are only a few,

But these few bring hope to my slippery slope

When I’m feeling tired or blue.

Though darkness envelops the highway

While traveling wee morning hours,

The Christmas Light shining brightly

Has wondrous encouraging powers.

Like pilgrims Joseph and Mary

We have to walk step by step,

Taking by faith that the Lord will provide…

At which He has proven adept.

The light of glory shone

Out from a stable bare,

The Light that shone so long ago

Breathed Christmas into the air.

The Christmas lights I’m seeing

Could be red, green, blue, yellow or white…

Like a candle in the window of a stable

They remind me of that Christmas night.


  1. Your work just keeps getting better, great job with this one

    • Thank you…it is a rewrite of CHRISTMAS LIGHT. Wasn’t happy with it, even tho’ others couldn’t tell anything wrong with it. Thank you again. Jon.

  2. i’ve been reading this log since you started it. just thought I’d tell ya

  3. i’ve been reading this log since you started it. just thought I’d tell ya

  4. My boss is also keen of YouTube comical videos, he also watch these even in place of work hehehe..

  5. I am continuously searching online for tips that can benefit me. Thank you!

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