Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | December 21, 2011



Bart Ermine isn’t all that bad

Though at first he seemed such a cad…

Attacking a faith

With reasons so base,

His being offensive was sad.

I listened to him on P.B.S.

FRESH AIR program as a guest…

Discussing his book

Where he took a look

At four of Jesus’ friends known best.

You know, he actually made sense,

Level-headedly making historical defense

Contrary to myth

And the crazy folks’ wish

The Gnostic Gospels are not equal forth-hence.

One thing “new” with which I agree,

The early splinter groups were many…

Many different ways

To interpret Jesus’ days,

Unlike stories of th’early days.

Homogenizing came later

With Councils and canon litigators,

Who argued which law

Was good, another flawed,

While some groups stayed as “on the edge” skaters.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. this is what writing is all about great job

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