Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 5, 2012

Judy~by rldubour


Her courage and her smile are beyond ones’ all thoughts.
And to us all, a lesson she has taught.
She taught us to see, as God wanted us too.
To look at our life as we seldom do.
To teach us to live and not for ones’ self.
To forgive and forget and offer them help.
She taught us to be as one only can.
For the past you can’t change but you can understand.
You can understand ones’ actions though you may not agree.
She opened our eyes so we can truly see.
She was full of giving not one ounce of greed.
She taught us all how to forgive the way God meant it to be.
And for all that is said and all that is done.
Her faith and her courage were second to none.
For she has certainly passed Gods’ toughest test.
And through it all, her smile and charm was better than best.
The pain and the sorrow she does not ask why?
Nor does she whimper, nor does she cry.
She was braver than brave, one can’t deny.
She taught us this lesson and brought tears to our eyes.
And when we are down she is right by our side.
She is our angel in heaven watching from Gods’ side.

R.L. DuBour


  1. Excellent inspiring write!

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