Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | January 12, 2012

THE MESSAGE, from Carl Gooch

The Message
It is not about me, I am not the one.
It is about the cross, of God’s loving Son.
For on that cross forgiveness abounds,
Through His mercy salvation is found.
I speak of the message, I now testify,
Because of our great sin He had to die.
His grace, His love paid sins high price,
Because of His great love He did sacrifice.
He rose from the tome and walked again,
That we would be free to live for Him.
The gift of life He offers to you and me,
That we may walk with Him forever free.
His loving promise they tried to kill,
But with each of us His love lives still.
All of our dark sins have been forgiven,
We’ve been set free and in Him we’re living.
He sent His spirit to guide us through,
That His glory may dwell in what we do.
We are children of the heavenly throne,
And by His wondrous love we will be known.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 11 January 2012


  1. I like Carl’s spiritual poetry because he doesn’t mince words about God’s glory and our part by faith in it. He is a good friend of mine…but then, I AM biased.

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