Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | January 23, 2012

LOVE, by Carl Gooch


I love; a much misused term,
Yet our love we readily affirm.
We say we love this or that,
But that’s not where it’s at.
We can’t get enough; we crave more and more,
But we are not really sure what we’re looking for.
We are confused by what we’ve seen and heard,
The common displays and usage of the word.
The mystery of true love is in its mighty power.
Great strength that last through the final hour.
Love is grace personified an unencumbered force,
That will see us through life’s rugged course.
Love is the divine current flowing from God to man.
It is the source from which we are able to stand.
His true love can change anyone and everyone.
Nothing can accomplish that but God’s own Son.
When we feel love, we feel God speaking to us,
Great comfort and peace when in God we trust.
God’s blessings are revealed within His love,
mighty is the power of love that come from God above.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 23 January 2012


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