Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | January 27, 2012


Hearts and Flowers
Look; see the hills explode in bloom,
As they awake from winter’s tomb.
The truth of a new life is revealed,
No more by the grave concealed.
A new life with the energy of youth,
Proclaims the beauty of God’s truth.
Warm winds fan the embers to inspire,
The Source has sparked the heart desire.
See them as they dance a dance of love,
Their strength comes from grace above.
The rains come to make them strong,
That in praise they may sing His song.
Behold as His grandeur does unfold,
As with each word of His story’s told.
Thankful hearts on His word meditate,
As we regard all His hand did create.
In the meadows the flowers sway,
In His love that comes their way.
His splendor to us has been revealed,
Let not our heart’s reply be concealed.
Carl A. Gooch ~ January 17 2012


  1. You see why I like Carl’s stuff? Proclaiming God’s Glory on earth.

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  3. Hello. fantastic job. I did not expect this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!

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