Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 29, 2012

Depression~by rldubour



Major depressive disorders, commonly referred

To as “depression.”

Good news is you can fix it yourself or help

With a doctors session.

Signs to look for are constant feeling of sadness,

Irritability or tension.

Decreased interest of pleasure in usual activities

Just to mention.

A change of appetite with significant weight loss

Or weight gain.

Restlessness or feeling slowed down or when your

Sleep patterns have changed.

Decreased ability to make decisions or concentrate.

Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt at any rate.

Even thoughts of suicide or better off being dead.

All these thoughts can be fixed that are running though

Your head.

Depression has no single cause, often results from

A combination of events.

When a chemical imbalance from your brain called

Neurotransmitters are not sent.

Some common factors are genetics can run in families

For generations.

Trauma and stress like getting married or even planning

A vacation.

Depression can make physical conditions and medical

Conditions even worse.

It weakens the immune system and takes longer in

The healing course.


  1. Ain’t really poetic, but it’s true. I’m often there, truth be told. How is it you get the cute ones to LIKE you…NO, don’t answer that!

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