Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | January 30, 2012



(Tune: “The Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues”, as sung by Pete Seeger)


I got the Blues, I got the blues…

I have those darn Info-mercial blues,

Regular programs cost a lot,

Networks need a way to fill their pot—

Those info-mercials are what we have got!

Take a peeler for its life

Peel more potatoes to impress the wife,

Wash it out to peel kiwi…

Make a “Big 10” salad with the free recipe!


Mesothelioma and pelvic mesh,

Taking psych meds while pregnant will catch

Lots of money just for you…

Driving up health insurance and your doctor bills, too!


The network has other programming too,

But with a disclaimer that it’s not for you…

Somewhere else some one is dismayed

Because their favorite programs aren’t being played!

I have the Blues, I have the blues,

I have those info-mercial over-ride blues…

Wish I had a dollar every time

They have tried to take my dime,

All that I can do is sing this rhyme.                                                      —Words by Jonathan Caswell


  1. Dedicated to ME -TV, and all those other bastions of the Info-mercial! Love, Jonathan Caswell.

  2. great!

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