Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2012

Good Old Days~by rldubour



Good Old Days

What do they mean, when you hear someone say?

When they talk about the good old days.

When life was young you would hear them say.

That was the time of the good old days.

When the pace was slow one could take their time.

To be with family or just unwind.

When the entire family sat each night.

To talk and play it all seemed right.

To know each ambitions and all their thoughts.

To give us moral values, we all were taught.

Is this what they mean? When you hear someone say.

As they reminisce about the good old days.

Today it seems so out of reach.

When family did gather and all would teach.

Everyone is in a rush has their own place to go.

What happened to family time? Why did we let it go?

Today our kids have no respect nor moral values too.

A total disregard for life and do whatever they may choose.

Discipline is gone and direction was never there.

Who’s the blame for this the parents now are scared!

Our system must be changed we cannot let this last.

Let’s bring back the good old days, the good old days of past.

Where parents had their role showing love as they are raised.

Responsible for their actions and they will have to pay.

Let’s bring back life’s values and install them in their minds.

Let’s bring back the good old days before we have no time.

Let’s think this saying when you hear someone say!

Let’s bring back the family life, the time of the good old days.


  1. Perhaps our generation will be last to think these things,,,but I don;t think so! GOOD JOB!

  2. Keep functioning ,splendid job!

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