Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | February 21, 2012



(A Moral-Economic Opinion by Jonathan Caswell)

For young folks to shack up is normal

With “no need” for something more formal…

As preventing disease

Or commitment guarantees,

The only things sure are hormonal.

Any children produced by THAT

If not aborted right off the bat…

Will never quite know

When “Dad’s” going to show,

There’s not much stability in that.

Most street gangs are filled by members

Whose family life is in embers…

Their fathers are gone

So to get along,

Children become violent offenders.

It may not be popular knowledge

Among know-it-alls from college…

That a Dad who stays around

With the Mother will ground

His kids with that certain knowledge.

And the welfare system is a mess

Paying more to the fatherless…

So men will go ‘round

Many women in town,

Making babies while they couldn’t care less!


  1. and this is the way it is too! excellent pen

    • Getting a number of comments on this one—most agree!

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