Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | February 24, 2012



In the old days one store was enough

To find all the extra new stuff…

The farmer sold eggs

And beef and hog legs,

That life had promise but was tough.

In small towns now-a-days

There still is some “dough” to be raised

For pizza, doughnuts,

Gasoline and such,

Coffee and seafood on Fridays!

One can find some gun supplies,

Fishing worms and little snack pies…

With farms mostly gone,

Commuters are drawn

To things that improve long drives.

—Jonathan Caswell



  1. loved it! and that is the way it was, excellent job

    • Do you remember this personally? (I’m an awful younger snip, aren’t I?)

  2. Genuine good style along with outstanding content material , nothing at all otherwise we need :Deb.

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