Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | February 26, 2012


THE DARK SHADOW by my side

Is waiting patiently…

For licking sounds come wafting up

Waiting for food from me.

I fed him but an hour ago,

And stood there while he crunched…

But he expected me to stand

There till he’d finished lunch.

He sits here now a-waiting

Eyes a-lit by computer screen…

To hook a claw in a sock or hem

Until his needs are seen.

He gives up for a moment

To sample his new fare

Without me standing over him…

He knows I’m in this chair.

So now the shadow leaves me for

A refreshed litter box,

To plan his next escapade

In the shadows like a fox.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. This was very good wording

  2. What a extremely weblog!

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