Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 29, 2012

The Maiden~by rldubour

The Maiden


Many yesterdays ago

In a magical place and this was so.

Lived a maiden in this land

Would always give her helping hand.


The young and old would come to her

To aid their ills with not a word.

Seemed she could read all their thoughts

What ever problem they had brought.


Her hands were soft her voice a charm

To all Gods creature would do no harm.

Her smile so tender with eyes all bright

Did her best to make things right.


Then one night the thunder came

First the clouds then the rain.

The ground did shake the winds did howl

The water rose like a squall.


On the land no ware to hide

All had thought would surely die.

The maiden with her calming voice

Said to the people we have a choice.


To the mountain top a place

Where they would go and be all safe.

One by one they held each hand

And followed high above the land.


From the cave they watched below

As the water took what they know.

The maiden said, “Not all is lost”

“For this you can not put a cost.”


“We have each other have no fear”

“We’ll think of this throughout our years.”

The moral is life does come first

To our end right from our birth.


  1. In truth, she sounds like my wife! Well-done story!

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