Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2012

Special Thanks, Ray of Elvis~by rldubour

Special Thanks, Ray of Elvis

When it comes to Elvis Presley many try to emulate.

Forever will his name live on because he was just that great.

Those who try an imitate an honor to his name.

He will always be the king of music forever have that fame.

Sometimes someone comes along to entertain with all his songs.

They will even make you feel like that Elvis has never gone.

One such person that I know his name is Ray Guillemette.

He goes by the Ray of Elvis and is the absolutely best!

He honors the King of music with his voice and with his moves.

He has this special gifted voice that really makes one groove.

He took first place in Vegas and Memphis,Tennessee.

He says that he is doing this, in Elvis’s memory.

The thing about this man is more than eye can see.

He is down to earth and caring about humanity.

Even though he has met with some tragedy.

And almost left this gift he has for no one else to see.

He head held high he carried on he know what he had to do.

To tell the people who were down that they could do it too!

Today he plays at benefits and starts with words or praise.

His speech is motivating knows just what to say.

Sincere and from the heart this Elvis makes your day.

Special thanks, Ray of Elvis, for your giving ways.


  1. A little rougher than your normal excellent delivery. But what a subject! Have you met the guy>

  2. Ron,
    Sir,…In serching the web , as I do from time to time, for links and such regarding my business and press, I came across your talent and your passion. I am completely flattered and greatful for your perspective..much gratitude. My decision to emulate Elvis , from day one has been such a personal endeavour and it continues to be all these years later. For all the reasons to long to write I sincerely thank you for your time in recognizing a bit of what has come of this endevour! Please let me extend my hand in thanks to you when we meet (again). Happy Easter!

    • Thank YOU very much appreciate your sincere comments may your days ahead be blessed with health and happiness, Ron

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