Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 6, 2012




(Taken from a recent “NO COMPROMISE RADIO” program)

A Pastor spoke upon marriage

Not aiming to poke or disparage…

It takes more than heads

In marital beds

And more than a white horse and carriage.

Appropriate methods of dating

(Less likely unsupervised mating)…

Daughters can avoid

By boys, being toyed

In ways both unsafe and degrading.

Not dates, but courtship toward weddings,

The chance to see all which they’ll be getting…

Soon two families

To love on their knees,

With support for the times of tough sledding!

The same is true for a son,

To learn Godly ways it is done…

To honor the girl

Like an expensive pearl,

And after the two become one.

We speak of this mystery first,

An analogy to Christ and the Church…

He wooed her and then

He died for her sin,

And cleansed her from any besmirch.

Likewise, two peoples will be

Nourished by the same olive tree…

Saved Gentiles and Jews

Neither will refuse

The call to God’s eternity!

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. Excellent writing

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