Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 13, 2012



Composed by Jonathan Caswell

In Eden God walked with two

Unashamed when breezes blew through…

Their nakedness was

No reason or cause,

‘Til the snake helped them see they were nude.

Adam and Eve in the bushes did fly,

In fact they wanted to cry…

The leaved they sewed

Were not worth an ode,

For coverings the first animal(s) died.

From then on our story goes

That humans are comfortable in clothes…

Except for a few

Who may be askew,

If adults when everything shows!

If Christ is the new Adam

Heaven’s streets aren’t paved with macadam…

Does it mean that we

Again naked will be,

Existing as Mister and Madam?

The New Testament says we’ll not marry

Nor male/female difference carry…

But be clothed with Christ

As shiny as lights,

Of old things we need not be wary.

We will be recognized,

Perhaps looking into the eyes…

Our garments will glow

And Jesus we’ll know,

As the Lamb and Lion and Wise.


  1. Another excellent write

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    SOOO…What do you think?????

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