Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 14, 2012



(Opinion…based on current reality!)

I heard on the air today

About a “boyfriend” who stayed…

And he still does,

The lazy young “scuz,”

Six months and his girl always paid.

Walked in on conversation at work

How certain “ladies” act the Jerk…

They’ll cry for more

Then transfer the store

To somebody else with more perk.

I’ve known a few young women

Who by stinker men folk were driven

To provide every need

To their “man” guaranteed,

If they failed, then they were never forgiven.

Entitlement is this generation’s ring

Narcissism  with a capital KA-CHING!

Everything just for ME,

However it’s got, we’ll agree…

We’re entitled to be treated as a King.

The younger set of children aspire

Toward public housing and mag wheel tires…

Live off whomever long,

Work ethics are wrong—

We’ll let other stiffs buy us the bong.

If you’re willing to move you’ll find work,

Adults carry the load to not shirk

The real responsibilities

That life isn’t a breeze…

It takes us all to cover for a jerk.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. You have that right! excellent wording

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