Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 16, 2012




He heard it on radio news,

On Internet also found clues…

That the Beacon Hill crowd

For crying out loud,

Demonstrates real naïve views.

Giving mandatory sick leave

Three days without proof they perceive…

As not a problem

If people (AHEM!)

Take advantage of employers for free.

Beacon Hill folks playing hookie

Is not news even for wookies…

The nature of Man

Is “get what you can.”

By beg, borrow or ‘crookies’.

But union backers have a say

While the rest of us just pay…

In prices and loss

Of small business, via cost

Of paying DOUBLE WAGES this way!

It’s nice for Beacon Hill

Their paws in the public till…

To tax us to death,

Business can’t get a breath—

We’re screwed when it leaves and it will.

Our prices go up every week

While economic factors stay weak…

Those folks with business brains

Are taking cars and planes


When will Beacon Hill (and the Feds, for that matter) belly up to reality OUTSIDE the statehouse?

—An Opinion from one of the “little people”: J. Caswell


  1. right on with this work if I could give you a 10 star I would

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