Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 20, 2012



It’s Springtime and the shedding of clothes

Excites local fauna in droves…

The new springtime styles

Really bring out those smiles,

Depending on what each style over-shows.

Christian men are men after all,

By behavior their witness stands or falls…

Holy Spirit control

Demands that the soul

Enjoys—without leaping for it all.

For some it is better not to look

Too often, to avoid being hooked…

Lusting in the mind is the same

As acting it out with the dame,

Our higher calling is confirmed in God’s Holy Book.

Each man must ask for spirit-filled eyes,

That we can ask God’s help is no surprise…

Obedience proves our mettle

As the Spirit fills the kettle

To overflowing as we let Him supervise!

—Jonathan Caswell


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