Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 23, 2012



Comments received think about pay

And with how much with we’d get away…

      Publishing a book

      Or charged for each look,

Why, MILLIONS for poetic play!

I don’t want to burst your fine bubble,

Most poets are in income trouble…

      “Ain’t” much that we earn

      From poetic churn,

When paid nothing…why ask for double?

We do it just for fun…

Well, most of us but the odd one,

      Who actually earns money

      For greeting cards funny,

The rest of us write—zero sum.

So in answer to all the questions

I’ll patiently accept suggestions…

      We write ’til it hurts,

      By creative spurts

Rewarded by you folk’s inspections!

(“You are our letter of reference…”—the Apostle Paul {loosely translated})

—Jonathan Caswell, Poet


  1. this is a 10 star write!! hit the nail on the head, loved it

    • See what happens when we read prior comments?

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