Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 25, 2012



When the Caswells go to church

The hills ring with praise,

‘Cause both of them together have

 Come with hands to the Lord  raised.

The praises are not for this couple,

They are but servants of God…

But praises ring to God our King

For helping each step that they’ve trod.

A Christian couple is special

If indeed they both believe…

Led by the Spirit indwelling,

They grow closer but not to deceive.

Devotion to God above us

Can strengthen one’s inner life…

Quite the opposite of what’ believed in this world,

And how one takes a wife.

The dating scene is so decptive

Lassoing a partner with rope…

Creating a baby or serving her needs,

That kind of “love” has little hope.

This couple went in with eyes open

To challenges and in Christ’s love,

Relationship in a covenant way…

Committed to their Lord above.

Their faith is stronger together

As believer yoking can be,

The folks in their church understand this…

For they’re also saved through the tree.

The tree—the cross Jesus died on—

And also where we’re grafted in,

The olive tree of God’s Chosen…

God calls us to get free from sin.

Good marriage is hard and mysterious

Like Christ and His bride, the Church,

Becoming one in flesh and all ways….

Requires faithful in-depth research.

The Lord says, submit to each other,

That’s not very easy to do…

Submitting to God and your brother

Of  faith in Christ only breaks through

Our inborn spirit’s resistance

To things of the Spirit in flesh….

Only by walking together,

Will we and our Savior God mesh!

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. written from the heart great job with this work

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