Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 26, 2012



(One Christian’s opinion based on the Bible)

Part-way through the season of Lent

One wonders about people’s bent….

        Trying to make points

        By visiting fewer joints

Until after Easter Sunday’s spent!

Most “Christians” are taking the trip

Of  life with no relationship

         Any closer to God

        With whom they’re not awed…

They want to live life, not be gypped.

Fat Tuesday, one wonders who is

“Christian” partying vis-a-vis

        The Mardis Gras scene

        Enjoying obscene

Activities, while “doing” God’s biz.

Biblical Christianity balks

At all kinds of insincere walks…

        A faith based on works

        With Fat Tuesday perks,

Is hardly the faith-walk God wants!

Relationship with Christ as Lord

Is more than 40 days’ fasting bored…

      Christ’s abundant new life

      Replaces sin strife,

With maturing family adored.

Are we giving up for Lent…

Every day toward our death we are bent,

        To submit our egos

        To the Most High who knows

Faithful ones will be soon heaven-sent.

How can I forsake my Lord

And work salvation with the bored…

        Salvation is free

        Christ paid for me,

Daily  to enter His throne room is restored.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. very good write Jonathan

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