Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 26, 2012




Some times at night or day

The door will suddenly sway…

      With no one in sight

      It opens just right,

As though somebody went away.

It comes back with a big slam

Like the Bam from a cartoon “Bam-Bam”…

      There is no rubber

      To soften the clubber

It gives to the metal door jamb.

Our canopy is enclosed

With side panels so it’s less exposed…

      A strong wind ‘cross the front

      And the door bears the brunt

Of reduced air pressure that flows.

So the “magical door” is not

Anything more than air pressure’s got

      To go somewhere,

      As the inside air

Pushes out through the door to where pressure’s not.

(Poetic science in action?)

—Jonathan Caswell



  1. Love it!

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