Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 27, 2012


His Truth Believed
You have been called the silent majority;
You are Christians who show no authority.
You were given great and mighty power,
But you just seem to shudder and cower.
Do you not see; can you not hear?
See the helpless that tremble in fear?
Do not turn away; no do not swerve,
These you have been called to serve.
If good Christian do not take a stand,
Is not our destruction close at hand?
It is time to speak out about the mess,
And do something to stop the madness.
It’s time to don God’s full battle dress,
We need His armor and nothing less.
The enemies comes to kill and devour,
Stand strong do not weaken in this last hour.
Fear not what all the others may say,
Reach for His glory on judgment day.
Know God’s truth, do not be deceived,
And live your life in His truth believed.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 26 March 2012


  1. thank you Carl, excellent write

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