Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 28, 2012

Grass is Not Always Greener ~by rldubour

Grass is Not Always Greener

Let us say that grass is our life and green is what we do.

We do this to compare just what I am trying to say to you.

We have heard it said a million times, the grass is not always greener.

If you think it is then go and try you’ll find it is a whole lot leaner.

You might think it better excitement and the lot.

But, not a chance in this life can you replace just what you got.

You have a life long partner by your side your whole life through.

From sickness and in health, good and bad in everything you do.

Understanding and forgiving a soul mate to the end.

A companion and a lover and always your best friend.

So if the fence is broken make sure you take the time to patch.

Because that grass you think is greener will never ever last.

I cannot say enough about the greener part.

Only that it might be you that ends up with the broken heart.

Let’s reverse this saying and see what it could mean.

Let’s say the grass is always greener, greener than you ever seen.

Ask yourself this question what exactly does it mean?

That the greener grass was only in your dreams!

I can not tell you how one thinks, I can only see.

As I look at my life and see what God has given me.

I see the greenest grass on earth more than I have ever seen before.

I see I have the greatest wife and a whole lot more!

Now, I am so glad I patched the fence instead of going through.

Because if I lost this life I have, the grass would all turn blue.


  1. Great message—but hard to read all the small print!

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