Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 29, 2012



(An approximation, by Jonathan Caswell)

I have no sisters of my own,

Just an older brother who married…

His wife and he dated a long time

The banner she might have well carried.

We had two cousins, girls,

Both older and younger than me…

that visited maybe twice a year,

Hardly “sister” soliloquy.

“Sister” to me means little else

Than spirituality…

Of having to learn external rules

Of which to treat as family.

Sisters are not to be thought as hot

And dating is strictly taboo…

Although in church that’s not always easy

Nor is it always true.

I married a sister in the Lord,

A sister through Jesus’ blood

That washed us both of our sin,

Cleansing us by His flood.

By human genes it is not so

That we are family connected…

Perhaps distantly we will confirm

When we are resurrected.

So I have not experienced the joy (?)

Of having a sister to dwell

Within our home when growing up…

It’s not something I can sell.

The “sister” thing of not being interested,

I have had to learn…

As to the rest of blessings and counterpoints

THAT is for a qualified person’s turn!

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. Somebody at work said that she had three brothers…and they perhaps were not that thrilled at having a sister, either. Tough chick, I’d gather.

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