Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2012

Was in the story that she told~by rldubour

Was in the story that she told

Her breath was sweet with fragrance,

Her eyes were sparkling bright.

Her lips were moist and tender

With the kiss of life.

Her voice was like a melody,

Like I have never heard before.

A melody of music

Right from heavens door.

Her touch was filled with passion,

With love just to behold.

She taught me how to live my life

In the story that she told.

To always be self-giving and

Caring in my thoughts

To always see the beauty

That someone else has brought.

To love with all my heart and soul,

And never to ask why?

This is what she taught me,

As a teardrop touched my eye.

Now I hand this down to you,

Be careful what you choose to do.

Our life is full of choices,

We have to make each day,

Listen to your angels and they

Will guide you all the way.


  1. Sorry Ron—It took two readings of this to catch both the rhythm and rhyme scheme—teaches me to not try to read poetic masterpieces during “rush hour”. Is this someone you know personally or shouldn’t I ask? She sounds wonderful! One of your better works, all the way around.

  2. Entertaining writing. Good stuff.

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