Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 1, 2012



I am not trying to be gross…

Consumers need be aware of a host

Of consequences

As a “john” dispenses

More flushes of water than most.

Auto-flushing is for good hygiene,

Toilet handles never stay clean…

Of E. coli and germs

The lot of which worms

Into many unhealthy scenes.

Yet some may ask what the fuss is…

One “sit down” may cost three flushes,

How things once were done

You’d score… maybe…one,

The water savings at you rushes (!).

As in life here we have a choice,

Outwit auto-flushers or voice…

An opinion on which

Is the important glitch,

Which are the more responsible ploys?

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. I always said say it how it is, good write

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