Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2012

The Path We Take~by rldubour

The Path We Take

I awake and look around me, what a beautiful sight I see.
I watch you lying sleeping as you lay right next to me.
I wonder what you’re dreaming? Are they dreams of happiness?
This special loving moment is filled with tenderness.
I vision the world before me and thoughts of all the past.
Will this love she has for me, will it truly last?
I put my arms around you and hold you ever tight.
Kiss your cheek and smell your hair, everything’s just right.
I close my eyes and fall asleep and dream a thing or two.
Of where I have been and where I am going, as long as it’s with you.
Our life ahead has many paths which one should we take.
The journey is there, are we prepared? Not to make a big mistake.
The mistake of losing interest in what we do or say.
The mistake of putting love aside as you go upon your day.
The answer is there though I know not where it be.
This is the challenge of daily life and all her mysteries.

R.L. DuBour


  1. If I could give YOU ten stars for this one, I would!!!!

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