Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 9, 2012



(Opinion about Ermine Bart’s new book about the historical evidence Jesus really existed)

A “Biblical” historian

Has published a book upon

      His Jesus account

      Of historical amount,

With the same old assumptions to spawn.

He did a two-minute “You Tube”

Announcement of his book’s overview…

      Proceeding to say

      He found his own way

To prove what some already knew.

His Jesus’ historical fact

In analysis still lacked

      The evidence bare

      Of the Romans aware

Of Jesus’ resurrection impact.

He still assumes that Christians

“Hijacked” the Preacher’s mission….

      Like Renaisance man

      He’s trying to pan

The beliefs he regards as superstition.

I guess one must choose to believe

For what facts you willingly receive…

      Like a friend of mine

      Who worships the mind

And logic, arguing against evidence to believe.

“Higher criticism” developed in the Renaisance

Took the principles of logic to renounce

      Anything solely by faith…

      Humanistic willful rape

With no scrap of evidence—not an ounce.

This scholar assumes anti-Christ views correct

That they’re all circumstantial he’d n0t suspect….

       If only he would refrain

      From statements he can’t maintain,

Giving theory of theological origin too much respect.

—-Jonathan Caswell



  1. WOW! 10 stars! absolutely well written

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