Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 11, 2012



A problem with a former lover,

When they continue to hover…

      Men want to stay hold

      Of some form of gold,

Until they’ve another to cover.

The guy who tells her it ends

But then hangs on (“let’s be friends”),

      Sees one in the hand

      A security band…

To emotionally screw ’til she rends.

If he’s already cut the cord,

Or you have, why pay his board…

      Part as “good friends”

      Make SURE that it ends,

He shouldn’t ruin  YOUR “afterwards”.

The method that’s worked in the past

Breaking a “still friends” lover mask…

      Is to hit him where it hurts

      Just enough so he blurts

And stops the “reconcile” task!

It can be done telling him to just stop,

But if he won’t, it is time to pop

      Him right in the nose,

      Verbally so he slows…

Please don’t ask me from where this idea I copped!

It is hard for emotions to heal

When you still hear the old pig’s squeal…

        He must find another sow

        For his bond’s  broken now,

And refuse to make yourself his next meal.

—J. Caswell


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