Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 13, 2012



by Jonathan Caswell

FRIDAY THE 13TH now is here,

Giving us clutzes lots of cheer…

Anything thing we do will be okay,

We can always blame it all on this day!

I got the blues….

I got the blues…..

I got those Friday 13th Blues!

Nothing goes right for us this day,

Two times a year it is that way…

We have an excuse for a rotten day!

Black cats running across your path

Are called bad luck…you can do the math…

Befriend them and your luck will change.

And your whole darn life will rearrange!

I got the blues….

I have those blues….

I got those Friday 13th Blues!

Is a day for turning ’round,

Smack down superstition—stand your ground….

Befriend a black cat and you’ll never be down!




  1. OH YEAH—Can be sung to one of my favorite tunes…WINNSBORO COTTON MILL BLUES, as done by Pete Seeger and others! Looking at it now, I haven’t messed up the meter too badly…!

  2. really catchy too, my grandson was born on Friday the 13th and I truly believe his lucky angel never leaves his side. good write

    • Thanks!

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