Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 14, 2012



(For Jonas)

The Sticky Paper Man

Does many things well as planned…

      Just one of his stints

      Is to capture shoe prints,

Recycling  resources is grand.

Here he comes with a white sheet

Of shiny paper looking neat….

      To stick on the floor

      Dirty shoes to adore,

But his job is just half-complete!

When the cleanroom needs cleaning again,

Around comes the Sticky Paper Man….

      One layer, prints and all,

      To recycling he’ll haul

A-pealing layers on demand.

But what happens to our shoe prints,

Are they recycled quick as a glimpse….

      Our prints, mostly dirt,

      In the ground will reinsert

‘Til it’s tracked in all again as cleaners wince.

—Jonathan Caswell



  1. the sticky man! enjoyed this one

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