Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2012

The Crossroads~by rldubour

The Crossroads

The journey of life on her long bumpy road.
As you come to the crossroads, which way do you go?
Do I turn right? Or do I turn left?
Which road to go? Which is the best?
Decisions I make as I face the unknown.
Might haunt me forever and leave me alone.
This is my fear to have no one there.
To walk right beside me and show me she cares.
To go forth in life until the road ends.
To walk hand and hand with my very best friend.
To confront the unknown you just open the door.
To see what’s behind it as you have done before.
You could be surprised in what you find.
As this does hold true for all mankind.
The road of the future, what will it be?
Just one fleeting glimpse I wish I could see.
For then I will know just how it should be.
The moment of truth will come to us all.
That moment in time when the Lord calls.
For will I be ready or be prepared?
Will I leave knowing that someone did care?



  1. I enjoyed your poem so much that I am also going to post one!


    We stand at the crossroads
    but can not choose
    to abandon the reason
    we fear to lose

    Alive in this world but
    in dreams we dwell
    for whom the bell tolls
    we can not tell

    We’re just lost souls
    with haunted eyes 
    cruising memory lane
    for some last goodbyes

    By lantern light
    and fallen sky
    knew not what we loved
    nor did we know why

    I long to catch
    a falling star
    a childhood dream
    from year’s afar

    Somewhere a great prince
    in prison lies
    past forgotten oaths
    and safe alibi’s 

    Divorced by treason
    and left behind
    a sad demise
    to a noble mind

    And found beyond
    the tragedy
    The hidden soul
    of harmony

    I chose the road
    into the sun
    but the path just ends
    where I’d begun

    ~ Randy Bell ~

    • I would like you to start posting on our site please email me at you have to join if you havent already and send me the name you signed up with, looking forward to reading more of your talent. Thanks Ron

      • cloudfactor5 is the name of my wordpress blog!!

  2. Excellent poem, “cloudfactor5”!

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