Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 17, 2012



Composed by Jonathan Caswell

When the Prodigal Son left his Dad

To run with the wild and fast crowd…

It was like he yearned for a pretty one’s smile,

A babe who could make him feel proud.

What he found was “love” too easy,

A short cut to addiction overkill…

If he’d be susceptable to the wiles of the heart

Then almost any man will.

It’s easy to get wound up in things of the heart

In ways that are hard to unwind…

Unless one controls what is seen and said,

It assuredly will alter the mind.

What men see and say complimentary-wise

May raise up affections toward sin…

The writer of Proverbs repeatedly warns

To not let temptations within.

Manly juices easily flow

When men have little control

O’er how they compliment and just whom

Their thoughts want to take for a “roll”.

The Prodigal Son is a “type”

Of those who don’t hold their vessel…

In Godly wisdom and manly control,

Avoiding each fall from the trestle!


  1. The young age it is hard to distinguished between infatuation and love, I was lucky after 46 years got the love. good wording on this work

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