Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 17, 2012




This started a very “down” day,

If I could have run away…

      I so would have done

      It wasn’t much fun

Coming to work to stay.

But I happened to get my break early,

Found a conference room stocked surely…

      For visitors gone

      With vittles still on

The plates and dishes curly.

I helped my partner get some

Just after the cleaners had come…

      Nice sandwiches and

      Beverages in hand,

Fortuitous discoveries won.

And oh boy, wrinkle-cut chips

Hand-cut from potato (no dips)…

      And salad—oh my…

      Good enough to try,

With just enough coffee for sips.

I certainly wouldn’t get fat

From cuisine discovered like that….

      ‘Though too many chips

       Might go to my hips,

How many I’ll keep under my hat!


—Jonathan Caswell




  1. ah raiding the kitchen! this is really a cute write

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