Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 18, 2012



A bright circle of yellow

Pops up early in the spring…

To gladden our hearts in these-here parts,

While parachutes espoil everything.

Those parachutes children blow

For joy scattering in a field…

But serious gardeners know

It brings a stubborn weed yield.

Early in the spring it brightens

The hearts of snow-weary folk…

Except for the bees, whom the flowers please,

Good lawn doctors find them no joke.

The stems are long when unthreatened

Growing short when regularly whacked…

The taproot grows deep in order to keep

The whole plant from being extract’d.

They grow like weeds all season

Over acres and acres they’ve spanned….

Although they’re pretty to look at,

In many places dandelions are banned

—-Jonathan Caswell



  1. Dandelion soup! have you ever tried it? My wife is a Massachusetts Master Gardner teaches me a lot about growing. like this write very good

    • My Dad used to crow about dandelion greens and day lily bulbs. Diana says her Dad smothered his greens in maple syrup. We had to get our greens very early in the season due to all the dogs roaming the neighborhood! Tasted the wine once…it was okay.

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