Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2012

Hand made is better. ~ by rldubour

Make your own card for Mothers Day.

Hand made is better.

Then every Mom on this earth, will feel your love is
What only takes a moment, can last a million years.
In your own words thank your MOM, for always being
Mother’s Day, is a time of commemoration and
celebration for MOM.
Notes or letters scribbled on from pencils, lipstick
to crayons.
You can make your own card, or buy it at the
Which ever card that you choose, will touch her heart
I’m sure.
From the very youngest to the oldest, no matter what
the age.
The best card to give your mother, is one that is
hand made!

Just take a piece of paper and fold it right in
You can write in colors, or make white and
Then write down all your thoughts, as they come
to you.
Could even draw a picture, or maybe even
No matter how your card comes out, MOM will have to
dry her eyes.
Because she’ll know it came from YOU and how you
feel inside.
There is nothing worth the value, of a card like
As you hand it to your MOM, seal it with a


  1. One of my college friends still does this for all of her friends.

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