Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 21, 2012



Some Facebook women  say that man’s  no good

For anything at all…

But to fix their appliances

And muck out a horse’s stall,

They talk of loving but insist

Men do all the chores first…

No wonder we may look around,

When our heart’s nearly burst.

No wonder we may look around….

;Cause our heart’s nearly burst! :)

—Jonathan Caswell

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  1. what about taking the rubbish out? we are good for that, right? lol good work.

    • I’m not saying, really, we are good for nothing…I’m saying that we need more loving than once a week!

      • See Tag Lair’s pic. on LONGFELLOW POETRY CORNER…as sometimes (!) happens I misread it….or misread the comments…this work was the (sarcastic?) result.

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