Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 22, 2012



by Jonathan Caswell

I found my peace with “Malt-O-Meal”

Honey Graham Squares,

Much easier to take a few….

Less chance of indigestion there!

I tried to write some serious verse

But my heart wasn’t in it,

Complaining never got anywhere

So I’ll just bear and grin it.

My wife has been real good to me,

Washing even pots and pans….

She wants to help me be happier

And maybe yes she can.

The hotdogs I had tried to eat

Were really much too much,

Could only eat one of three

With mustard, bread and such.

A mug of water is just fine

When you want to go back to sleep,

I missed church on Easter Sunday—

Better attendance I want to keep.

The TV is on P.B.S.

‘Bout environmental concerns

And how politics has ossified,

Not working together on what concerns.

These Honey Graham Squares do taste like honey,

A surprise for the small expense…

That P.B.S. is a FRONT-LINE special

From the past-to-present tense.

A soaking rain has been promised,

This year we had so little snow…

With “Red Flag” warnings we could use more

Than the predicted four inches or so.

I had to move the mini rose plant

Closer to the cat…

Or the lily that he had started to bother

Wouldn’t survive more of that!

My plate of Grahams is getting toward the bottom

And the cat’s curled up to snooze…

Perhaps it’s time for my great ending

Of this rambling well-rhymed prose.


  1. enjoyed! I know what you mean have to be in the mood to pick up the pen.

  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:


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