Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 24, 2012



by Jonathan Caswell

Tiny little snapper sitting on our walk,

Somebody comes along, wants to clean “his” clock…

Someone with kindness takes him in hand

And sets him onto the lawn, toward his promised land.

Tiny snapping turtle—youngest we’ve seen—

Last year we saw one, his fate wasn’t keen…

Was caught in the doorway during a storm 

And was crushed by the swinging…made us feel forlorn.

This snapping turtle, symbolizing hope,

Made it to our walkway, showing us the scope

Of life continuing despite death and such…

Making us appreciate a living creature’s touch!



  1. liked this one very much reminded me of the day I stopped traffic to pick up one and put it in the brook where he was headed.

    • You are a kind soul—so many would have aimed right for the little bugger!

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