Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 25, 2012



One never considers the staff

Of your place to be riff-raff…

      But one or two may

      Be “ultra-nice”, say,

To be given a special pass.

Some folks when you see them—oh my (!)–

They’re special beheld with eye…

      But unless they produce

      They’re of little use,

For good looks alone won’t fry.

Especially if they are “HOT”…

If that’s all there is, they’re not

      Worth hiring

      Just for the bling,

Who needs a spoiled young (or old) snot?

Thank goodness that “our” new girl

Is working before she’s “unfurled”

      At our work site…

      She’ll do all right,

Prepared for our kind of world.

And will the men all drool…

Probably, just like in school,

      But we’re older now

      And have learned how

Much before it will pool!

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. good work with this

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