Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 26, 2012



*New Lyrics by Jonathan Caswell

Why do we do such stupid things, that we should know about….

When we should think, we rarely do but go and scream and shout…

That thing that struggles to make me game

To superlatives of wrong,

To face again my worthy shame and fall forward head-long.

We make our comments on the spur of moments realized…

When something slips out like a slur that hits between the eyes….

Of some poor innocent stander-by

 Who’s hit with venom strong,

Who wonders why we attacked him so or what did he do wrong?

Sometimes the compliments we give are taken diff’rent ways…

Our inappropriate-found speech has led someone astray…

And rightly so we get our due

In the reprimand,

For not seeing what we must see or on our morals stand.

I am so glad that God Most High allows us times to grow

And does not insist when we fail that out we have to go,

It matters much that we have sinned

But willingly confess…

Though consequences will remain, He helps us through the test.

And so we travel forward to live our lives again

While being careful to do things that keep us what shouldn’t have been…

We turn ourselves around again

In faith we do repent,

We conscientiously do choose to live our life to be well-spent!

*NOTES: These lyrics are designed to fit the church hymn, I WANT A PRINCIPLE WITHIN,  as written by Charles Wesley (1749) and the tune GERALD, by Ludwig Spohr, Das Heiland’s letzte Stunde, 1834 (MIDI, score).



  1. very well written enjoyed this work

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