Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 27, 2012



(Based loosely on James 3:1-9)

All hail to the marvelous tongue,

On whose words many wars have begun…

      Evil words in time

      Regardless of clime

Can turn a good day into dung.

When tongue coordinates with eyes,

The brain is suddenly surprised

      On what the tongue relates

      When an eye fixates

On a personal feature tantalized.

What a wonderful flame of desire

Is set off by the tongue’s rapid fire…

      But just say the word

      And love is deferred,

Disappointment can only aspire.

And what of the one who must hear

That tongue’s ultimatum so clear…

      Perhaps they will find

      Some false peace of mind

By drowning their sorrows in beer.

‘Tween man and woman so keen

The tongue oft turns obscene…

      The object of man

      Is to get what he can,

Even for those who want to live clean.

A tongue to the heart is demanding

That much more intimate understanding….

      That for the male is physical

      Which the woman finds quizzical,

And frankly, much more demanding.

We come back to the tongue,

That intoxicating, fire-breathing one…

      That if not controlled

      Will its soul be sold

To the master of treachery—Evil One.

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. really like your style!

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