Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 28, 2012

Remember This? ~ by rldubour

Remember This?

When I was just a little boy I can remember this.
How I love the little girls always tried to steal a kiss.
I was just a show off was the center of attention.
In school I could not behave and always had detention.
If I should have a quarter I thought that I was rich.
And buy a ton of penny candy, I remember this.
I remember all the games we played in the middle of the street.
I remember my first crush thought she was really sweet.
I remember stopping school one day was just in second grade.
I filled the auditorium and what a fuss they made.
I stood on stage an entertained thought I was really something.
I knew then those little girls I had their hearts a pumping.
I know I sound conceited but this story is very true.
From that day on once a year I would sing every song I knew.
When I went to junior high the same thing happened there.
Only now the girls wore lipstick and I would have it everywhere.
Everyday when I got home mom would always say.
Have you been kissing girls again? When will you behave?
I can’t behave it’s too much fun not changing what I do.
I like to make the ladies smile and leave them all confused.
I never got to Hollywood or Memphis Tennessee.
But I still love to write and sing it means a lot to me.
And if I can still make them smile I feel real good inside.
I am just thankful for this gift I have and will never hide.



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