Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | April 29, 2012




Their first night out in many months

Without a doctor’s call…

It’s not a romp around the town,

Just church game night, that’s all.

He separates the salad

So she can eat it all….

He gets in line for his own food

To pile his own plate tall.

For her, ziti with meatballs,

For him sausage was fine…

In fact he got some of both

The next time through the line.

A mixed group there,

Two families with kids, some old some young…

And several couples without kids

But singles they had “brung”.

The dinner was fabulous,

‘Twas time to celebrate…

 They learned  the Missions Fund was  over-flowing

In spite of all they ate.

A successful dinner…

Fundraising didn’t hurt,

The best of all, no one had

Any sauce dripped on the shirt!

They played some PICTIONARY,*

A drawing game to guess

The word or phase done for that team…

Some drawings did it best.

The group in front with the youngsters

Broke a three-way tie…

Cake pops in a special box

Were their tasty prize.

Our couple got home before eight,

In time for some TV….

It was a good time to go out

And join a friendly spree.


—Jonathan Caswell

NOTE:  “PICTIONARY”  is a word guessing game by Robert Angel, first published in 1985 by Seattle Games Inc.   Since 1994, it has been published by Hasbro.


  1. top off a fun night with poetry!

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